Humanities Seminars & Gen. Ed.

As part of our commitment to interdisciplinary learning, the Department of Performing Arts offers a wide range of courses cross-listed with other departments, including African American Studies, American Studies, the Center for Social Justice, Comparative Literature, Culture and Politics (SFS), English, Film and Media Studies, History, and Women’s and Gender Studies. 

Our courses range in size from small seminars to large lecture classes, and from studio classes to intensive research colloquia.

Many Gateway courses to the interdisciplinary majors in Theater and Performance Studies and American Musical Culture also fulfill Writing and Humanities requirements for the Georgetown University College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Foreign Service, Culture and Politics major, the School of Nursing and Health Studies, and the business school. The Department of Performing Arts delivers First-Year Writing Seminars as well as the new Humanities: Arts, Literatures, and Cultures (HALC) course requirements, drawing students from across the university.

In recent years, we have listed liberal arts seminars, as well as Doyle Engaging Difference Program and Englehard Program courses.