Performing Arts Minor

The Department of Performing Arts offers an interdisciplinary minor with a concentration in any of its constituent arts. This may be earned by taking three courses in one field (music, theater, dance, or public speaking), and three courses chosen on an elective basis from any of the other areas in the Department of Performing Arts (music, theater, dance, or public speaking).

Academic Requirements for the Minor

18 credit hours; 6 courses in Performing Arts

  • Three courses in any one of three disciplines (Theater, Music, Dance, or Public Speaking), which may include one bundled 3-credit performance course based on 4 terms of MUSC 100, 4 terms in DANC 100, or 3 credits in the TPST 190-199 sequence (for participation in TPST productions).
  • 3 courses from any other areas in the department, which may include one 3-credit course based on 4 terms in MUSC 100 Music performance, 4 terms in DANC 100 Dance Performance, or 3 credits in the TPST 190-199 sequence.
  • Performing Arts Minors with a primary concentration in Dance may bundle four terms of DANC 102 technique classes (eg in Ballet or Modern) for one 3-credit course in addition to a course bundle for four enrollments in DANC 100. Only Minors concentrating in Dance may do two bundles in Dance.

Note: Students may not apply more than three courses in any one discipline toward this minor.