Theater & Performance Studies Majors and Minors

Major in Theater & Performance Studies (A.B.)

A major in Theater & Performance Studies consists of twelve courses, including a production practicum. This distinctive major combines critical and creative inquiry, and is designed for students interested in theater and performance, social justice, cultural criticism, dramaturgy, arts management, American and world cultures, education, and civic engagement. Our degree offers special strengths in adaptation and performance, developing and devising new work, interdisciplinary learning about culture, politics and identity through the lens of performance research, community-based performance, play analysis and playwriting, stage direction, cross-cultural ensemble, solo performance, design and multimedia production, and world theater. 

Academic Requirements for the Major

34 credit hours; 12 courses including Production Practicum

  • 3 core methods courses in Theater & Performance Studies: Acting I (TPST-120, formerly 020), Play Analysis (TPST-130), and Adaptation & Performance of Literature (TPST- 200)
  • 1 of two core courses in Comparative Theater Cultures and History/Theory: Cross Cultural Performance Traditions (TPST-105) or World Theater History (TPST-240)
  • 1 course in Technical Theater or Design (e.g. TPST-160 or TPST-170)
  • 2 intermediate courses (200 level or higher)
  • 2 advanced courses (300 or 400 level), which may include a senior honor’s project
  • 1 3-credit elective course from any level, which may include an approved cognate course and/or the Performance Participation Lab if bundled (190/191)
  • 1 Majors Colloquium (TPST-410), a single credit course for declared majors
  • Production Practicum (TPST 090/091): three 1-credit semesters. Majors will be required to receive a total of 3 credit hours of the TPST -Majors Practicum, typically over three semesters, which may be bundled to create a single 3-credit course. Note that 1 credit must be run crew. 

Note: Students participating as cast members or in another major sustained way throughout the theater process (stage manager, designer, assistant director etc) must enroll for the course assigned to that production in either the zero or 1-credit option (TPST 190/191). Students who accumulate three of the 1-credit options can bundle those into a single full course to count toward the TPST major. Unless approved by the DUS, only one set of three (TPST-191) may be bundled.

Each of DPA’s distinctive interdisciplinary majors—American Musical Culture and Theater & Performance Studies—understands writing as integral to exploration of the relationship between performance, culture and society. 

Minor in Theater & Performance Studies

The Minor in Theater & Performance Studies also reflects a balance between creative and scholarly courses, as well as courses which integrate the two.

Academic Requirements for the Minor

19 credit hours; 6 theater courses plus production practicum

  • Play Analysis (TPST-130)
  • 1 out of the following 3 courses: Cross-Cultural Performance Traditions (TPST-105), Adaptation and Performance of Literature (TPST-200), or World Theater History (TPST-240)
  • 2 intermediate or advanced courses chosen from (TPST-200) or higher
  • 2 courses at any level, including (TPST 191) if bundled into a single 3-credit course

Note: All TPST Minors will be required to register for at least one semester of the Production Practicum, offered in zero-credit and 1-credit options (TPST 090, 091), before graduating. 

Performing Arts Minor

The Department of Performing Arts offers an interdisciplinary minor with a concentration in any of its constituent arts. This may be earned by taking three courses in one field (music, theater or dance), and three courses chosen on an elective basis from any of the other areas in the Department of Performing Arts (music, theater, dance and public speaking).

Academic Requirements for the Minor

18 credit hours; 6 courses in Performing Arts

  • Three courses in any one of three disciplines (Theater, Music, Dance), which may include one course credit based on 4 terms in MUSC-100 Dance Performance
  • Three courses from any area in the Department other than the above chosen discipline (Music, Theater, Dance, Public Speaking).