Theater Supplemental Materials

Please note that the Department of Performing Arts only accepts supplemental materials for review. All applications for admission to Georgetown University should be sent separately to the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Supplementary submissions may make sense for students with substantial and well-developed talent that cannot be conveyed adequately in the rest of the application, but you should think carefully before submitting supplementary materials with your Georgetown application.

The Department of Performing Arts does not make any admissions decisions; all decisions are made by the Undergraduate Admissions office primarily on the basis of the general application materials submitted there (including student’s overall academic and extracurricular record, application essays, etc.)  Many successful applicants submit only those materials. In rare instances, when we review materials from prospective theater students with truly exceptional credentials who we feel are a strong fit for our Theater and Performance Studies Program, we are able to submit a recommendation about that student which is added to their admissions file.

Due to University policy, and to the large amount of material we receive, we cannot offer any feedback or evaluation to candidates on their submissions.


In order to have your submissions material reviewed you must submit:

  • A cover letter outlining your specific interest in the Department, your relevant experience, why you are applying to Georgetown, and how you envision being involved in the Performing Arts at Georgetown (e.g. as a Theater & Performance Studies Major? Minor? supplemental academic courses and productions?  co-curricular projects only?)  Please be explicit in the cover letter about any other materials you are submitting.  If you are interested in submitting materials for more than one discipline, craft your single cover letter accordingly addressing your multiple interests.

In addition you may also submit the following:

  • Brief work samples (i.e. 5 minutes total). Please provide clear information on what you are submitting (your name, title of work, role etc.) Videos can be taken from actual productions or can be monologues recorded specifically as “auditions.”  If you are a playwright or designer you may also provide links to portfolio samples or short script excerpts.
  • A resume, no more than two pages in length, including theatrical experience (be specific about venue (i.e. professional, school etc.)  Please outline any private instruction received, productions appeared in, and any technical experience you may have (stage management, lighting design, sound engineering, set design, costume design, etc.).


To submit, materials should be uploaded electronically via Slideroom (new window) by the respective admissions deadlines (November 1st for Early Action and January 10th for Regular Decision) to ensure receipt and review.

To get started, please select the proper academic program that you are interested in as well as the proper deadline and click Apply Now.  (*Be sure to select appropriately.)  If you do not already have one, create a Slideroom Account for free.  (Those new to Slideroom will need to activate your email in order to proceed.)  Once logged in, follow the prompts for questions and upload your document.  Please note it is free to submit your supplement materials.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our main office at (new window).  

If you are interested in multiple performing arts programs, please feel free to submit in each accordingly.  For example, if you are interested in dance and music please consider providing media that corresponds to each so that reviewing faculty can effectively review your work.

Subsequent inquiries regarding the status of your Georgetown University application should be directed to the Undergraduate Admissions Office (new window).  We are not able to comment on the status of your materials.

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Performing Arts!