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Davis Center Anniversary- Sweet 16


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Dear Ones,

We had a wonderful Sweet Sixteenth Celebration! 

What a gift to visit with nearly one hundred of You one month ago! To share in workshops, reflection, laughter and time/space, creating community afresh from experiences new and remembered.

For those who joined us: Huzzah! For those who could not: We send you Love!

Our flex format worked gloriously: Some folks joined us for specific parts, some for the full weekend; some in person, some virtually for our hybrid events. For All, the experience was Sweet! And joyous. And meaningful.

Here are some Photos: Hope you revel in catching glimpses of it, from the eyes of our roving photographers (including me). Everyone’s highlights were distinct, so share some photos or images that stay with you via the link! 

One of the most profound gifts was observing different ones of your journeys — and experience, like the open-hearted Friday Reception outside, or during Andrew’s roll-out of our New Logo, or for one of our amazing workshops, or the inspiring hybrid Roundtable, with friends in person and from afar— or for the sassy-and-moving Saturday Night variety performance, with reprises and new performance alike. By the spontaneous mixer post-show, when different ones of you were gathering with new friends from different class years like old friends, laughing, weeping, connecting, it was clear the event was not only a meaningful reunion, but also a deep and joyful community-creator.

A few brainstorms arose in conversations with You, including over Sunday Brunch with Class Reps: Calls for a list-serv for this community tied to TPST/Davis Circles, to post news (like new family members or performances, moves or would-be gatherings, griefs, calls for activism). Stay tuned for this—and our new Alumni Mapping Project website.

Know that many hearts, including mine, were full from our visit—learning with and from you, connecting purpose and people and play. Thank All of You who joined us in spirit and in person. Know that the Mission—reconnecting Us to Each other and the Davis Center mission— across class years, across Alums and Faculty, including Students—was met in spades. As many of you asked, we engaged in different modes for the Anniversary, as we do in TPST—creatively, critically, embodied, listening, doing, together. Thank You.

Stay Healthy, And Stay Connected when you can

Since then: Senior Celebration, The Gathering, More Flux in the World and our Lives. Still…. Love and Thank You!