Practice Rooms

1) Locations: Healy Family Student Center (HFSC) and LXR (free); Reynolds and New North Studios B & C (major/minors and those in registered classes or PAAC approved groups).

2) Scheduling:
Reynolds Rooms and New North Studios: Priority is Given To: DPA Faculty (reserved by DPA through week 2 of the semester for faculty coaching, lessons, Chamber Music Ensemble Program groups & large ensemble group sectionals.); Students taking lessons or registered in performing arts courses or in PAAC groups (reserved after week 2).
HFSC: The Center will be determining their own policies and procedures as manager of these rooms. Please contact them for details.
LXR: Full time, undergraduate GU students and residents of LXR only.

3) Keys: The Music Practice Rooms in Reynolds in the SWQ (R-132, R-134, R-136) and New North Studios B and C contain quality pianos and MUST be kept locked. All of these practice rooms are reserved for DPA Faculty/Staff, music majors and minors or approved student ensembles only. It is most important that these keyboards are well maintained for majors and minors and protected from potential abuse. Any student, faculty or staff may use the free practice rooms located in The Healy Family Student Center (HFSC). Policies for the HFSC are to be determined by the Center. The LXR practice rooms are for undergraduate students only and available on a first come, first served basis. To gain access to the Reynolds rooms, submit a key request via the DPA Key Request Form found on the DPA Linktree. Requests are per semester. 

4) Key Transfer: Assigned keys are NOT transferable. You must be present while the room is in use at all times. The person(s) with the key is responsible for any damage/cleanup until such time as they lock up the room. (I.e., if you don’t lock the room when you’re done, you are responsible for anything that results, whether present or not.

5) Schedule: If you have a key, or are using an unlocked room, you may use the room any time it is unoccupied. However, priority must be given to those students who have scheduled lessons and practice times in the room as posted on the doors. If a scheduled user arrives, you must relinquish the room.

6) Subject to Change: Scheduling is subject to change due to the DPA program needs. The DPA reserves the right to change the schedule at any time.

7) Group Rehearsals: Groups who do not have Access to Benefits are subject to special review and are not guaranteed access. Persons falsely portraying the intended use or otherwise “fronting” may face disciplinary actions, fines and loss of access to practice rooms and to performing arts programs. While individual students may reserve the rooms, non-acoustic campus bands and/or bands with amplified sound (electronic instruments) or drum sets or other percussive instruments, are not permitted in any of the practice rooms.

8) Campus Bands: who are approved members of the GU Guild of Bands, an academic course, may use and rehearse in Studio D. This space is a sound proof studio designed to accommodate campus bands. Specific procedures for auditions to become an approved band with the Guild are available through the faculty member, Prof. Jay Hammond (jh2275).

9) Eating, Drinking and Smoking in any of the university practice rooms is not permitted at any time.

10) Valuables and Furniture: Do NOT leave musical instruments, music, and other valuables in the room unattended. The University and the Dept of Performing Arts is not responsible for articles lost or stolen. The removal of any furniture is not permitted. Violation of this policy will result in loss of key privileges.

11) Security: Please report any unusual or suspicious activity, missing equipment or furniture, damage to the pianos, room or area IMMEDIATELY! By following this procedure, you will help us to maintain these rooms and will subsequently reduce your own liability.
Due to security problems all doors which are key controlled should be locked upon departure even for short periods of time (i.e., lunch, phone calls or trips to the restroom).

12) Hours: Access and use of all practice rooms are subject to university rules governing quiet hours and building hours. Currently all music practice rooms can only be used between 10am and 12am. Hours a building is open are posted on each building.

13) Sound: Due to the fact that many of the Music Practice Rooms are located within residence halls, the Residence Life Staff and the Dept of Performing Arts reserve the right to limit certain types of instruments should they exceed acceptable sound levels. Therefore, while exceptions can be made IF acceptable proof (via a sound test) can be held, the following are general not allowed in the Music Practice Rooms: Electrified instruments of any kind including but not limited to: guitars (bass and lead) acoustic instruments which are played through microphones and speakers; percussion of any kind.

14) Music Stands: Individuals must provide their own stands.

15) McNeir Hall: McNeir is a shared-use space between the Dept of Performing Arts and the Office of the University Registrar. Those wishing to use the room for non-arts use or for arts programming with no co-sponsoring with Performing Arts, should contact the Registrar directly and make a request via their website. If members of the University community are wishing to co-sponsor an arts-centric event in McNeir, please contact the Dept of Performing Arts directly at: 202-687-3838.

For specific info regarding the practice rooms listed above, contact Clarielle Marsh at