Black Theatre Ensemble 2017-18 season

Thursday-Saturday, November 2-4 at 8 p.m.
Sunday, November at 2 p.m.              
(student-produced event)          

The Hand That Feeds You                        

Written and Directed by Mackenzie Foy (COL ‘19) and Kendell Long (COL ‘19) 
Produced by Abi Vega (COL ’18)   

Set at Daniels University, a school that seems to have never-ceasing racial tensions. The Hand That Feeds You follows the political and professional arc of two influential Black activists who meet after a protest. Nathaniel Martin and Angie Stone form a seemingly unshakable relationship. Nathaniel, to Angie’s surprise, is a good listener, and Angie, Nathaniel finds, is a visionary. As the rhythms of their praxis (and their conversations) come to align over time, each finds their work strengthened, and both find themselves drawn to careers in academia. However, opportunities of promotion and respect from university administrators directly conflict with Nathaniel’s vision, and his vision, in turn, begins to transform. Tensions arise and deepen between Angie and Nathaniel as time creates rifts in long-time friendships and professional relationships. The Hand That Feeds You tells a familiar story of two people who have changed each other and watched each other change, showing that growth can require parts of a person to die, and empowerment doesn’t always mean justice. As Angie and Nathaniel pick their battles, hop-scotching through time and space, audiences are forced to reflect on the activist’s dilemma: “What do you choose?”


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Wednesday-Friday, March 21-23 at 8 p.m. 
Saturday, March 24 at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.  
(student-produced event)           

The Story                

By Tracey Scott Wilson 
Directed by Forrest Gertin (SFS ‘20)  
Produced by Anne Marie Huntington (COL ’19)   

Inspired by true events, this play tells the story of Yvonne Wilson, a young black news reporter with big ambitions. When assigned to work for The Outlook section of a big urban newspaper, she feels stifled and is unable to relate to her proud black colleagues. When a young white Teach For America teacher is suddenly murdered, Yvonne manages to get a scoop on the case that could really make her career, but what is the price of this scoop? This complex and nuanced play explores the problem of stereotypes within and outside of the black community, racial politics, the responsibility of journalistic integrity, and the importance and impact of diversity.


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Dates and venues TBA

BTE Coffeehouses

The Black Theatre Ensemble’s season will also include a series of their signature coffeehouses in venues across the campus. These popular open-mic events provide a forum for students to express self and share perspectives through song, dance, and poetry, while enjoying free food and coffee!